• About

    This site contains small CSS solutions. Javascript workarounds are not allowed.

    Behind the name of CSSPoo

    The name can be seen as disturbing. I still choose it because of a few reasons.

    • It's short, only 6 characters
    • It's probably memorable
    • It's funny, for some people

    Why this site exists

    For a long time I wanted to create something similar to a code blog of some kind. CSS is close to my heart and common for others.

    With the site I hope to learn more CSS, have a great source for short CSS solutions, hopefully get new solutions from other people.


    All solutions can be used in your project for free. Some of the solutions are from other sites, but they are so small and common, so no one can own the copyright for them.


    There is no crew. My name is Jens Törnell and am the only author. I would love to see more writers in here in the future.